REX is PROUD to bring you Meal on America and would like to thank and solute all who serve and have served. Not only our Military but our Law Enforcement and First Responders as they too put their lives on the line for our safety everyday.

We encourage the general public to show we acknowledge, understand and appreciate the  sacrifices these individuals and their families, have made in their career choices.

You'll find these at events around the Denver area or they can be obtained through this site for $15.  100% of proceeds will go to Colorado Veterans Project.

Restaurants who would like to participate, can either become a member of REX to receive their enrollment packet or contact the volunteer who introduced them to this campaign. 

Upon agreement to participate, you'll receive a welcome email with instructions on the acceptance of Challenge Coins.

We are asking establishments to honor these coins with $15 value or 15% of a meal which ever is greater.   If you're already offering discounts to veterans, now you can receive a tax receipt for honoring coins.

Sign up as a member, it's FREE TO JOIN and FREE TO USE.  You'll receive instruction on how to receive your tax benefit for coins collected.  Send us your logo jpg and we'll place it in our participators section.  

Thank you for helping us show support.


Let's get this started








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